Are the articles of senior and doctoral students accepted by the journal?

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According to the rules of the quarterly, articles submitted by senior experts and doctoral students (explanations in the authors' guide) will not be accepted only if the faculty members are individuals. Please, if any of the authors or writers are faculty members, send an employment order for inquiry to announce the final acceptance, otherwise a faculty member will be added to the article. Otherwise the article will be deleted.

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What steps should be taken after the final acceptance of the article?


After the final acceptance, you need to coordinate with the journal office to obtain written acceptance and pay part of the cost of publishing the article.


What should the files submitted to the journal look like?


Please send the submitted files of the article in three separate files (description in the authors' guide)

1- word file: with the authors' details along with the English abstract

2- pfd file: without the authors 'details (the authors' names should not be mentioned anywhere in the article, even the English abstract section) along with the English abstract

3- Authors' profile file (position - mailing address - postal address)